Welcome To Cymoline Sales Corporation

Sales And Service, Detail Engineering, Battery, UPS Inverter, Chargers, Stabilizer, Building Automation, Water Purifier, Solar System.

We take this opportunity to introducing ourselves, CYMOLINE, as a dealer in the field of Power Engineering & Instrumentation items. Ours is an organization having a team of instrumentation & Electrical Engineers.

CYMOLINE is unique battery store in Mumbai which caters to all chemistry of battery, all customers from retaiers to whole sellers, corporate to project companies, exporter to Importer, We are technically masters and Needs no assistance to solve customers’s problem Nowadays we are in MOBILE AGE; technology is becoming light, thin and very energetic. Battery industry is not behind; infect revolutionary products like NICD, NIMH and Lithium Ion Battery has changed many gadget and life of human Being.

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Our Vision

We want to create a brand value CYMOLINE an alternative word for TRUST What when why

Our Mission

To operate the best specialty retail business in the World, regardless of the product we sell

Our Goal

Safety will be the first consideration in all operations

Our Dealer


We offer a wide range of automobile, home & business batteries, ideal for every need


We help you make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive & green


India's most reliable brands, enjoying unrivalled reputation and recall